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Event Technologies' Silent Auction system works on a range of devices including Android tablets, iPads, PDAs and mobile phones (via sms)

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Interactive fundraising solutions to suit any event style or budget

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Creative Technical Solutions

Event Technologies have been providing interactive fundraising services to the charity sector since 2008.

We deliver these services to hundreds of charity events across the UK and abroad every year, helping to raise money and exceed fundraising expectations for some fantastic causes. As event technology experts, our sole aim is to provide a range of cost-effective fundraising solutions that maximise revenue and enhance your guests' event experience.

Our team have over 20 years experience within the event and multimedia industries and are dedicated to creating, supplying and delivering great interactive technology at a competitive price.

For further information on our full range of audience response systems, the projects we work on and who we do it for, please visit our main site at:

Here are just a small selection of the great charities we have used our Silent Auction system

How Does It Work?

Proven to increase silent auction revenue, our electronic bidding systems can be delivered on a range of different state-of-the-art touchscreen devices; including iPads, tablets, PDA’s and all-in-one bid stations. We also provide SMS and paper-based bidding solutions, catering for events of any style and budget.

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How Event Technologies Silent Auction system works

Our systems allow guests to bid on silent auction lots and make donations using any of the touchscreen devices at your event. Regardless of which device or solution you choose, the technology offers a fantastic user experience. The devices can also display other event information for guests to view, such as the event running order, live auction lots, food menus, details on where funds raised at the event will go towards and much more.

Benefits at a glance:

  • A range of solutions to cater for events of all sizes and budget
  • Increased participation & revenue
  • Creates a fun & competitive bidding atmosphere
  • Excellent sponsorship opportunities
  • Detailed reports, invoicing & post-event analysis
  • Flexibility – functionality and features tailored to your event
  • Publish & promote other event information
  • Bespoke scoreboards & totalisers
  • Capture contact details for all auction participants
  • Guests can bid using any device at your event
One of our devices on a table - this device is also being used to display the event programme and charity information

For further information, or to arrange a live demonstration on any of our silent auction solutions, please contact us


The flexibility of our technology enables us to offer some great features and applications in order to maximise fundraising opportunities. These can be used separately, or in conjunction with, our silent auction systems.

SMS Bidding

Used entirely as its own bidding system or as a bolt-on to a standard handset system, our SMS solution has proven to be ideal in catering for events that take place across large or multiple locations. Guests simply use their own mobile phones to make bids and can access a web-based scoreboard so they can see the current highest bidder and bid value for each lot.

Paper-based bidding

A low-cost solution that features paper bid sheets on tables instead of touchscreen devices. Bid sheets are collected and input into an auction laptop throughout the event so that guests still have lots of opportunities to bid and can view highest values up on screens around the room.

Bid Stations

Commonly used in reception areas, prize display areas and at cocktail parties (where a device solution may not be suitable), our touchscreen bid stations offer further opportunities for guests to browse the current auction activity, place bids and make donations.

Bid Station and printed material at event entrance

Electronic Brochure

The devices can also display other event information, such as ‘about the charity’, the event running order, food menus, live auction lot details, where funds raised will go towards and much more. Where necessary, this may help reduce printing costs.

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Charity information displayed on one of our Silent Auction devices

Virtual Scratchcard

This addictive application offers a fun and interactive method of generating extra cash. Using a touchscreen device, guests simply pay a cash price to ‘scratch’ off the panel with their finger. If they reveal three identical images, they win a prize!

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Virtual Scratchcards are a fun way to generate extra cash, using the same touchscreen devices that run the Silent Auction

Additional Services

We realise that, from time to time, charity events require a range of different services that can result in lots of time spent finding suitable suppliers. With this in mind, we are able to support other areas of your fundraising event in order to ease some of your workload, and where feasible, bring costs down as much as possible.

Online Auctions & Event websites

From simple web pages to generate interest in the auction lots, to dedicated event websites for guests to place bids before the event starts.

Interactive Quizzes

A quiz is a great way to keep guests entertained throughout an evening and can be used alongside our auction system. We can deploy an interactive quiz based around the theme of any well-known TV show or to fit in with the theme of the event in general.

Auction Prizes

By providing some of our own auction prizes, we can offset the cost of using our silent auction system.

Having worked with many memorabilia companies across the UK, we know who to trust and where to source unique prizes and authentic memorabilia. Whether you’d like some impartial advice, a general recommendation, or for us to provide some auction prizes within our own offering, Event Technologies are here to help.

AV Hire

From plasma screen hire to full event production. Depending on your requirements, we can include this in our package or put you in touch with our preferred suppliers.

Payment Handling

Wireless PDQ machines and virtual terminals to help take payment for auction items as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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